Hole in One Winner

Witness the Unbelievable: A Hole In One Triumph that Leaves Us in Awe!

Hole In One Winner with Grand Prize


In the heart of Atlanta, GA, at the renowned Peachtree Golf Club, something extraordinary unfolded during the Atlanta Mission Event Golf Tournament. This event, known for its noble cause of supporting homeless men, women, and children, saw a golfing legend in the making.

Meet Casey, whose passion for golf ignited at the tender age of 5, thanks to his golf enthusiast father. For Casey, golf became more than just a game—it was his sanctuary, a place to escape life's stresses and share cherished moments with loved ones.

On that sunny day, surrounded by friends, Casey approached hole number 11 with an 8 iron in hand. The wind played its part, but Casey took the shot, and the golf ball danced through the air, landing just 10 feet below the hole. With an almost magical bounce and roll, the ball found its way home—an incredible hole-in-one winning a 2-year lease of a brand-new Jaguar F-Type Convertible! 

As if that wasn't enough, fate had a delightful surprise. May 1st was not only the day of his victory but also his father's birthday. Eight years prior, on the same date, his father achieved a hole-in-one too! A family legacy defying all odds.

Let's raise a toast to Casey's momentous triumph and acknowledge the incredible support from Jaguar Land Rover Buckhead, making this event and its noble cause possible. With their backing, Atlanta Mission continues to provide vital services to those in need.

Casey's awe-inspiring story reminds us that dreams do come true, and sometimes, life surprises us with unforgettable moments.