Hole in One Winner

Swinging Success: Hole In One Win at Ree Alario Memorial Golf Tournament

Gerry Lane Chervolet Winner Check


The atmosphere at the Ree Alario Memorial Golf Tournament was positively electric, charged with anticipation and excitement. And on this day, luck chose to shine brilliantly upon David Leslie, transforming him into an instant legend with a single, audacious swing that lead to a hole in one for a brand new Chevrolet Silverado!

Picture this: a stunning 176-yard par 3 at hole number 9, poised like a challenge waiting to be conquered. David, fueled by determination and nerves of steel, stood ready at the tee, his heart pounding in exhilaration. With a resounding crack, he unleashed his swing, sending the ball soaring through the air like a guided missile. The ball landed to the right of the flag, only to take an astonishing, gravity-defying bounce to the left. It was a heart-stopping moment as time seemed to slow, and then, as if guided by an invisible hand, the ball rolled with a tantalizing suspense, defying every law of probability. And then, it happened – the ball effortlessly found its home in the cup. Hole in one! 

Behind the scenes of this awe-inspiring day was the unwavering support of Gerry Lane Chevrolet, a beacon of generosity and community spirit. From Baton Rouge, Louisiana to the heart of the Ree Alario Memorial Golf Tournament, they were the driving force behind the spectacular hole-in-one contest. Their commitment to uplifting their community was on full display, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the event and the legacy it honors.

The Ree Alario Memorial Tournament, a cherished annual tradition held at the revered TPC Golf Course, stands as a beacon of goodwill. It's not just a golf scramble; it's a rallying point for those who care deeply about making a difference. Every swing of the club and every dollar raised are dedicated to a noble cause – supporting the St. Michael Special School.