Hole in One Winner

Swinging for Support: The Triumph and Generosity of the Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund Golf Outing


The annual Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund Golf Outing, hosted at the picturesque Oakland University Golf & Learning Center, witnessed an extraordinary moment as Bob Oehlers achieved his first hole-in-one. This historic feat unfolded at the challenging 8th hole, a formidable 181-yard stretch on the Katke-Cousins course.

Armed with his reliable PXG Gen 6 #6 Iron, Bob meticulously assessed the distance, recognizing the formidable challenge that lay ahead. With focused concentration, he approached the tee box, carefully placing the ball before executing a flawless swing. Initially anticipating a solid strike bound for the green, Bob's shot surpassed all expectations. The ball elegantly struck the front left of the green, gracefully rolling with purpose before disappearing into the hole, marking an undeniable moment of golfing brilliance.

Bob's achievement not only added a remarkable chapter to the event's history but also secured his place as the first participant to achieve a hole-in-one in the history of The Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund Golf Outing. The excitement surrounding this accomplishment echoed through the verdant landscape of the golf course, leaving fellow participants astounded.

However, the significance of this achievement extends beyond the realm of golf. The Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund, a noble non-profit organization founded in 2006, stands at the heart of this event. Dedicated to supporting injured soldiers in Michigan, the organization provides vital assistance, including aid for living expenses, to the families of fallen heroes. The annual golf outing serves as a crucial fundraising platform, steadily growing in its impact and garnering support each passing year.

Reflecting on his extraordinary hole-in-one, Bob revealed that this marked his third participation in the event. In a gesture that epitomizes the spirit of generosity and altruism, Bob, who is a veteran himself, selflessly chose to donate a portion of his winnings back to The Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund. His decision not only showcased the camaraderie fostered by the event but also exemplified a dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of veterans and their families.

With each swing on the verdant golf course and every donation made, the Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund Golf Outing continues to embody the true spirit of giving and honor. This annual event makes a tangible difference in the lives of those it aims to support, underscoring the profound impact of the golfing community's dedication to a noble cause.