Hole in One Winner

Sports Broadcaster Wins a Mustang at Social Distancing Golf Event

Grant Hall receiving the car he won from Lewis Ford


2020 has been a weird year to say the least. But Lewis Ford has always been a huge supporter in the community and they typically sponsor 15-20 golf tournaments a year, benefiting numerous local charities. So even in a trying year, they continue to support community events. Annually they sponsor Summer Swing. This year it was the Social Distance Summer Swing which was held on August 17, 2020 at Springdale Country Club. Lewis Ford was offering a convertible Mustang for the prize for a Hole In One!

That day Grant Hall, a local sports broadcaster was golfing with his youngest son Scott and friends David Whelchel and Zach Arns. The hole in one vehicle was hole number 5, set at 170 yards. David hit first and used his 6 iron. David is the golf coach at the University of Arkansas, so he knows a little something about golf. Scott hit second, then Zach and last was Grant. Grant joked before he teed off “I’ll give you guys a sporting chance”.

Grant said that David hit a great shot and landed about 12 yards short, so Hall said based on the club David used, he needed to club up and grabbed his 4 iron.

“It was a bit lower than my normal shot and it landed on the front of the green, ran up to it and disappeared.”

The group couldn’t see the ball, so they jumped into the carts and ran up there. The ball was in the hole! The group was so excited! I asked Mr. Hall if he had ever had a hole in one before? He said yes, two of them and they were both so special because the first time he was golfing with his other son in May of 2017 and now he did it again with his younger son! But this time it was for a Mustang and to add to it was the first course that he played golf on with his dad at 8 years of age.

The timing was good because he was getting ready to get a new car. His Fusion that he purchased from Lewis Ford had a lot of miles on it. So now he is looking good in his brand-new blue Mustang, courtesy of Lewis Ford!

Grant still works 3 days a week, doing his show “Press Row”. But that hasn’t stopped him from playing lots of golf, so far this year he’s gotten in 82 rounds. Grant’s radio show has hosted at Lewis Ford several times. His job will take him to the Masters in April 2021 and it will be his 40th anniversary of covering the event. He will be traveling in style in his new Mustang.