Hole in One Winner

Remarkable Hole-in-One at Crystal Tree Golf Tournament


On a sunny summer morning at The Green and Gold Invitational held at the Crystal Tree Golf Course in Orland Park, Illinois, golfers and spectators were treated to a delightful surprise. Sam Bettinardi, an avid golfer, achieved a hole-in-one during a tournament sponsored by Jack Phelan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, held at this scenic course.

The spotlight was on Hole Number 10, a challenging par-3 that measured 184 yards. The prize at stake was a 24-month vehicle lease, making the pressure palpable. Armed with his trusty 7-iron, Sam approached the tee.

With a smooth swing, Sam's ball soared through the morning air, finding its mark on the green. The spectators watched in anticipation as the ball made a precise roll towards the hole, finally disappearing into the cup. Sam, with a hint of understatement, described the moment, saying, "It was a beautiful shot. Perfect landing on the green, and it dropped about 15 feet from the hole and went in."

Sam Bettinardi's hole-in-one serves as a reminder that golf can produce moments of unexpected joy and accomplishment, even on an ordinary summer morning at a local tournament. It's a testament to the skill and precision that golfers like Sam bring to the game, creating memories that will be cherished by all who were there to witness it.