Hole in One Winner

Rain Delay, then a Hole in One

Pictured here left to right are Brian Guidry, General Manager at Superior Ford; the lucky winner, Darren McClure; and Ralph Quinn, Sales Manager at Superior Ford.


On an overcast day in Zachary, Louisiana, the Copper Mill Golf Course held the annual Zachary Community Schools Golf Tournament. The tournament is held every year as a charity event to help the district’s schools, as well as connecting the city’s current and graduated students. A resident of Zachary, Darren McClure attended the tournament intending to have an average day on the links with a few college friends, while helping his community. Never did he think of winning a brand new 2017 Ford Mustang.

Darren had not previously participated in this golf tournament, but he’s “been playing at Copper Mill since the course was built in 2002”, and knew the course fairly well. Golfing for “roughly 30 years” and familiar with the course, Darren knew the 8th hole was a difficult one because of the bunker just in front of the green. He noticed before teeing off that the pin was further back than usual allowing for more green between the bunker and the hole.

While walking to the tee box, rain started to come down causing a delay in play. The delay didn’t last long; eventually, all participants returned, and the tournament continued without a hitch. Following the delay, Darren figured his stroke would be a bit stiff heading into the next hole. This was not the case as he ended up hitting the ball with “the purest shot he’s ever had on the golf course”.

He intended to place his shot on the extra green that was made available from the pin being moved back. In attempting to do so, he said “I knew right when I hit the ball, it had a solid chance of going into the hole.” Darren and the rest of his foursome hadn’t even realized the ball went in until they approached the green and couldn’t find his ball. He was in disbelief that with his first shot following a weather delay, he had the best swing of his life. He did add “I’ve made a hole in one before, but it never won me a new car”.

Looking back, Darren’s first reaction is to be grateful they continued play following the rain delay. He also spoke highly of the team at Superior Ford for working with him throughout the process. “They were very helpful, and constantly kept in touch since the tournament.” This outing for Darren, as well as a few college friends, turned out to be one of the most memorable ones yet.

The entire team at the Ford Hole in One Program/J. Ryder Group are thrilled about Darren’s big win and we congratulate both him and the great folks at Superior Ford on their very exciting day!