Hole in One Winner

Joe Kept his Cool and Won a Cooler

Hole in One Winner Joseph and his Team


On July 11, 2022, Joseph Middleton made a hole in one, at the 33rd Annual Torrington Winsted Rotary Club Golf Outing. It was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze.

Joe got up to hole #3, while using his 6 iron, hit the ball, saw it hit the ground and bounce! He was looking to see where it went, then noticed his team going crazy! It bounced into the hole!

Joe has been playing Golf for 25 years, 27 weeks a year. His USGA handicap fluctuates between 9.9 and 11-1/2. Joe was the winner of an awesome Yeti Cooler. Enjoy, Joe!

Pictured are Joe along with team friends. Joe is 2nd from the right.

The Torrington Winsted Rotary Club is an organization who is always active in their community, whether it is a food drive, Bell Ringing, or Golf Tournaments like this. Thank you to our partners at Lombard Ford Inc, Winsted Connecticut for sponsoring the Hole In One.