Hole in One Winner

Ford Mustang Win Makes a Loyal Customer

Pictured here left to right are Manny Marfetan, Fleet Manager at Yorkdale Ford Lincoln; David Grummett, the lucky winner, and Max Rebboh, General Sales Manager at Yorkdale Ford Lincoln.


Charity events are some our favorite tournaments to write about, especially when they have winners. In the case of David Grummett, the “Be a Donor Foundation” holds substantial significance for him. He explains, “my sister-in-law is going on her 33rd year with a kidney transplant.” With such a close family member being an organ recipient, Grummett has made a point to participate in the D’Angelo Golf Classic (which benefits the cause) for the past two years.

David is a long time golfer who just recently got back into the sport four or five years ago. When asked about the day of the tournament, he replied, “It was a beautiful day. Last year was really hot, but this year couldn’t have been a nicer day. I was playing with a friend and two people I met the year before. We all have various skill levels and no one was taking it too seriously.” Who knew it would end with Grummett’s first ever hole in one?

When he approached the hole, he saw the prize for a 2-Year Lease on a Brand New Ford Mustang, provided by Yorkdale Ford Lincoln, sitting off to the side. “Whenever you come to a hole with a prize,” he elaborates, “it puts a little bit of added pressure. I didn’t take it too seriously though. Never having made a hole in one before, I didn’t think there was any chance of winning.” After sinking the shot, Grummett and all who witnessed were ecstatic! Grummett’s motto is “it’s not great, but it was straight.” Sounds like it worked out well enough to win a new car!

For Grummett, picking up his prize was just as fun as the hole in one win. “The dealership guys were awesome,” he remembers. “Max [from Yorkdale Ford] was great about it and it was his first winner, too. Throughout the delivery process, they were awesome.” Grummett actually played with Max at the tournament, so they were already on a first name basis.

An unexpected perk of Grummett winning a brand new Ford is that he became reacquainted with the brand. “I haven’t had a Ford since the 90s, but this new Ford is awesome. I had a Honda that was coming off lease at the time. I’ve been a Honda guy for a long time, but now I’m considering switching back to Ford.” Sounds like Yorkdale Ford now has a customer for life!

The entire team at J. Ryder Group / Ford Hole in One Program are very excited and honored to be a part of this very special win! Congratulations to David and the great folks at Yorkdale Ford!