Hole in One Winner

Celebrating Golf, Community, and Legacy at The Kirkwood Tournament at Stowe Country Club


The Kirkwood Tournament at the Stowe Country Club stands as an eagerly anticipated annual golf event, with a rich history and robust community engagement. This tournament has evolved into a beacon of tradition, and Jon "Mark" Manley's extraordinary hole-in-one on the 10th hole during the event was undoubtedly a momentous occasion for all participants. The fact that this feat occurred on a main prize hole, generously sponsored by Lamoille Valley Ford, only added to the excitement and jubilation surrounding the tournament.

The tournament serves as a heartfelt homage to Joe Kirkwood and his profound contributions to the local community. It's a beautiful fusion of sporting excellence and a dedication to giving back, encapsulated by the recognition of Stowe Junior Golf. This blend of honoring a luminary figure like Kirkwood while concurrently nurturing the next generation of golfers epitomizes the dual purpose that this tournament fulfills—both in promoting the sport and nurturing the local community.

Golf events of this caliber possess an innate ability to unify individuals, transcending the boundaries of age, background, and skill level. The partnership between Lamoille Valley Ford and The Kirkwood Tournament at the Stowe Country Club serves as an exemplary model of how sports can be a powerful medium for not only promoting athletic excellence but also for channeling support toward significant local initiatives and organizations. It's a platform that not only showcases top-tier golf but also symbolizes the collective spirit and generosity of those involved, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared purpose.