Hole in One Winner

Bad Weather, Good Luck!

Pictured from left to right is Shaun MacDonald of Plaza Ford, and our winner, Sheldon Covey

Plaza Ford sponsors an event every year known as The Coors/Plaza Ford 4-Man Scramble, and three participants have always made an appearance for the past 10 years: Sheldon Covey, Jim MacIssac, and Steward Cathart. This year at Seaview Country Club, the group of three shared an outing none of them will forget, especially Sheldon. The three of them always play together in this event and have rotated the fourth “almost every year” but may have found a permanent fourth in Sheldon’s son, Jeff Covey, after the results from this year.

2018’s outing fell on the 6th of June and turned out to have “horrendous weather. We had to wear gloves and jackets all day. I’ve never played golf in any weather like it,” said Sheldon. Pouring rain, and horribly windy, Sheldon and his group still managed to power through seventeen holes before they teed off on the last hole of the round. Their foursome started on the 10th hole in a shotgun start, making the 9th hole the last of the day for the group.

In 20 years of golf, Sheldon never made a hole in one, and he claimed, “if it wasn’t so windy, I probably wouldn’t have made this one either.” But Sheldon was lucky enough for the wind to push his ball right in line with the pin and sink a hole in one shot for a 2-year lease on a Ford F-150 from Plaza Ford Sales Limited! Sheldon added, “Jeff might have to tag along every year now to be my good luck charm.” Sheldon enjoys his prize everyday on his way to work, and spoke highly of the Plaza Ford Staff stating, “I barely had to lift a finger. The entire staff made the entire transaction very easy and are all very nice people!”